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The code that makes it all work

CCDWare - Producer of many quality software titles including CCDStack, PEMPro, and CCD Inspector.
Software Bisque - Maker of the well known CCDSoft and The Sky planetarium program. Also the top of the line Paramount ME robotic mounts.
DeepSkyStacker - Freeware stacking software. Powerful but simple. I have used it with DSLR imaging and now with OSC CCD imaging with great results - better than any DeBayering software I have tried.
Cartes Du Ciel - Freeware planetarium software to run you mount with and use as an accurate atlas. ASCOM compliant.
SBIG - Producer of legendary and high quality CCD imagers.
Cyanogen - Makers of MaximDL capture and processing software.
Stark Labs - Makers of the fantastic freeware PHD Guiding guiding software. Also Nebulosity capture/processing software among others.
EQMOD - The modification that allows us to use our Orion EQ mounts with planetarium software and guide more accurately as well - alternate link here.
ASCOM - The ASCOM initiative. Software standard that will coordinate and be the conduit from your software to your mount, focuser, and observatory.
PixInsight - PixInsight LE is freeware with many useful tools to process your images. Tutorials on the site. LE may not be available any more as of late 2009.
Noel Carboni's Astro Tools - Unbelievable plugins for photoshop or photoshop elements.
DSLRFocus - Focusing and camera control software for DSLR's.
Images Plus - Mike Unsold's astro image processing software that has become the standard by which all others are held accountable.
Iris - Another good processing software.
K3CCD - Comprehensive tools for the digital imager.
WCS - Automated polar alignment software that works.
WhatsUp - Great program to make your imaging plan for the night - transit times and all kinds of stuff.
CCD Calc - Indispensible program to show framing in your setup and calculating imaging ratios of all kinds.