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Image Galleries

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NASA APOD - The place to see the most interesting things astronomic
Astronomy Magazine Picture of The Day - A short archive of reader's images
Sky and Telescope Community Gallery - Reader's images
Karel Teuwen - Big images from Big equipment.
Bernhard Hubl - Modest equipment can produce high quality images.
Wolfgang Promper - Dark skies and nice images.
SBIG hall of fame imagers.
Dietmar Hagar - Big APO refractor was his original scope, but the TAO remote observatory now houses other equipment.
Ivan Eder's Gallery - Fantastic images using the DSLR - the absolute best on the 'net. Ivan's images convinced me to purchase the modified 350D and APM 130mm APO. He has since moved on to other equipment.
Mel Martin's Gallery - High level amateur images. Something to work towards
Beach Astronomy - Garrett Grainger's gallery. The inspiration that got me moving towards better imaging


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