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LBN 487 and NGC 7023 - "Iris Nebula" in Cepheus

LBN 487 and NGC 7023 - "Iris Nebula" in Cepheus

Imager Temp -10C
APM/TMB 130/780
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LBN 487 - the Iris Nebula - is 1300 light years away in Cepheus and about 6 light years across. The entire complex of nebulosity (VdB 139) and cluster is also known as Caldwell 4.

The nebula is mostly reflection component, but there is some emission component as well, giving the gas a purplish/red fringing.

My skies are just a little too bright in this region to really do the dark dust of this object justice. Some regions of my sky are perhaps dark enough, but not here. Pristine skies are better suited to bring out all the dark, wispy detail surrounding the reflection nebula.

July 6, 2010