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Dimensions3000 x 3025
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Image typeJPEG
LBN 667 in Cassiopeia - Eastern Half

LBN 667 in Cassiopeia - Eastern Half

Imager Temp -20C
APM/TMB 130/780
Field Flattener
10% Crop for Composition
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Lynds Bright Nebula (LBN) 667 (Sharpless 2-199) in the constellation Cassiopeia is also known as the "Soul" or "Embryo" Nebula. This image focuses on the 'head' region of the large nebula/cluster complex with inclusion of open clusters CR 34, 632, and 634.

The "Soul Nebula" is more commonly called by the cluster designation IC 1848, which is present in the 'body' of the nebula and not visible in this image.

November 22, 2009