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NGC 663 in  Cassiopeia

NGC 663 in Cassiopeia

APM/TMB 130/780
Field Flattener
Astrodon Gen 2 LRGB
L: 13x10min (1x1)
RGB: 6x5min each (2x2)
Imager Temp -20C
30% Crop for Framing

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NGC 663 (Caldwell 10) is a young open cluster about 7000 light years distant in the constellation Cassiopeia having about 400 members. This cluster is of interest because of the high number of Be stars, with a total of about 24 discovered. These are spectral class B stars that show prominent emission lines of hydrogen in their spectrum. Most of the Be stars in the cluster lie between spectral class B0 and B3. A candidate member of the cluster, LS I +61° 235, is a Be star with an X-ray binary component that has a period of about three years. There are at least five blue stragglers in the cluster. These are stars that formed by the merger of two other stars.

November 9, 2010