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Dimensions3326 x 2504
Original file size7.84 MB
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NGC 281 in Cassiopeia - Hubble Palette (Modified)

NGC 281 in Cassiopeia - Hubble Palette (Modified)

APM/TMB 130/780
Astrodon 6nm Ha, 5nm OIII, 5nm SII
Each Filter 8x15min (1x1)
Imager Temp -10C
Field Flattener
Cropped Slightly for Framing

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My first light Hubble Palette image with my new Astrodon Narrowband Filter set.

I think it could have used some more time, but for 2 hours per channel, I was surprised how well it did. OIII and SII taken in full moon conditions.

The typical Hubble Palette is much greener than this image, and this image has been modified along the lines of Bob Franke's technique - although with some twists of my own.

Data acquired and 8-18 and 8-25-2010. Processed 8-26-2010.