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I recieved the PZT QRB's (Personal Zenith Table Quick Release Brackets) from Wayne on 11-6-08 and had them installed the next day for testing. Unfortunately, it was raining, so some of the images have water dropping into the POD. Most of this is from me opening the dome while installing the QRB's as I checked clearances. I couldn't wait to see how things worked!
QRB Hardware and ScrewsCloseup of the ScrewsCloseup of the Heads of the ScrewsNew QRB InstalledNew QRB InstalledNew QRB InstalledRoller Bracket Hanging on the QRBRoller Bracket Hanging on the QRBHandle Attached and Locked in PlaceHandle Attached and Locked in PlaceClearance of Roller BracketRight Bracket AssemblyLeft Bracket AssemblyRight Bracket Assembly With Dome Open