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Sh2-101 - "Tulip Nebula" in Cygnus SHO

Sh2-101 - "Tulip Nebula" in Cygnus SHO

APM/TMB 130/780
Astrodon 5nm Ha, 5nm OIII, 5nm SII
Ha, OIII, SII 8x15min each (1x1)
Imager Temp -10C
Field Flattener
Cropped for Framing

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Listed in the 1959 catalog by astronomer Stewart Sharpless as Sh2-101. About 8,000 light-years distant the nebula is popularly known as the Tulip Nebula. The star exciting the gas to glow is thought to be HD 227018 (TYC 2678-1231-1), the ninth magnitude star just to the upper left of the blue ionization front at the right of the tulip.

Data acquired 8-31-2010. Processed 9-1-2010.